Empirical antibacterial treatment of
infection with Chlamydophila pneumoniae
in Multiple Sclerosis


David Wheldon MB FRCPath


After much controversy a considerable body of evidence now demonstrates a firm causal connection between chronic infection with the primary respiratory pathogen Chlamydophila (Chlamydia) pneumoniae and at least some variants of the neurological disease Multiple Sclerosis. These web-pages review the evidence. References are cited.

Treatment of chronic infection with this organism is regarded as highly problematic. Some authorities claim that total eradication is not possible. These pages suggest a possible schedule of treatment which may be expected to address all phases of the organism's life-cycle.



1. Overview of evidence; treatment schedule

2. The above, abbreviated as a pdf file. This can be printed.

3. C pneumoniae: Questions and answers

4. Bursting the elementary 'spore' bodies - N-acetylcysteine's benefits

5. Co-pathogens: 'henchmen' viruses

6. Other chronic infections. How chronic damage is compounded

7. Supplements and antioxidants

8. A compilation of supportive and confirmatory studies

9. Paul Le Gac: pioneer of MS treatment with antibiotics

10. Neurological sequelae of treatment

11. Vitamin D

12. Falls

13. A review article published in Trends in Microbiology

14. A letter in the journal Infection: Antimicrobial Treatment of MS

15. Might antibiotic resistance develop in C. pneumoniae?

16. Personality Changes in Multiple Sclerosis. NEW


deutsche Übersetzung mit freundlicher Erlaubnis des Autors von
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1 Einleitung und Inhaltsangabe. (pdf)
2 Ubersicht uber Belege Therapieschema. (pdf)
3 C. pneumoniae Fragen und Antworten. (pdf)
4 Aufbrechen der sporenahnlichen Elementarkorper. (pdf)
5 Co-Pathogene. (pdf)
6 Weitere chronische Infektionen. (pdf)


Revised 5th February 2015